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ABD's news

Development restarted, 2007/01/04
Thanks to zydy's help, abcd is back on tracks. He's working on improving the whole system, and I'm confident the next release will be a useable one.

Abc 0.1 unleashed, 2006/01/14
Well, as you probably thought abd was dead, I decided to publish my latest abc version. It now enables you to search through your contacts, and some other problems are fixed.
There still are a few bugs, but I guess that's OK for a 0.1 release.

New abd release, 2005/12/06
I just released ABD version 0.3, this is not exactly what I had planned, because it doesn't include all the error management I wanted to do, but it includes a fuzzy search method. I tested it quite a bit, and it seems to work pretty well.
I guess you'll see this new method in action when I'm done with ABC. For now, the search textcontrol and button are in place, and actually work, I just have to show results and a few other things. It should be ready in a few days.
I'm also looking for someone to help me implement error codes and try/except blocks, it's not that big, I just need some advice from someone who has already done this.

ABC 0.1-rc1 released!, 2005/11/24
I couldn't wait to clean up the code, or do much debugging once I saw that it was finally finished and working fine... Here it is, ABC, you can download it from the project page. Send some feedback : kysis __ at __ users __ dot __ sf __ dot __ net.

Quickstart steps:
  • tar zvxf abd-0.2.2.tar.gz
  • cd abd-0.2.2
  • python _username_ _password_
  • ./abd (and then open another terminal)
  • tar zvxf abc-0.1-rc1.tar.gz
  • cd abc-0.1-rc1
  • ./

Note: the "launch server with abc" option isn't implemented yet ...
Update: ABC kept crashing at the first start, because of some mess I made with the config file. Package has been reuploaded, and now starts fine.

ABC update, 2005/11/24
Yesterday I successfully interacted with abd, to retrieve the list of all your contacts' names. So that got me motivated, and I adavanced quite a bit on abc: the display part of it is done: you can get the names of your contacts, and then by selecting one in the left list box, you can see it in the right panel (which is html actually, so that text can be formatted and selected (copy/paste)). What's left is not going to be that long, it's just mapping the "Delete" buttons to a method that deletes the contact, and map the "save" button on the "edit/add contact" dialog.
More news tomorrow, and new screenshots of the final main window on the project page.

Building the GUI (abc), 2005/11/23
I forgot to mention that I've been using wxGlade to build ABC's gui, and I have to say, it's been a real pleasure to use it, it's rather fast, and allows me to do pretty much anything I want with it :)
Update: Yay! First abc<->abd interaction! This means it's going to be pretty fast to finish abc :)

Change of plans, 2005/11/22
OK, so I've been searching around for a way to have a nice command line client with python, but apparently it *can't* be done, or it would take me more time to do the command line client than the graphical one. So I did start a wxPython client. For the moment it's going pretty fast, since my teachers are on a strike and I have 6-days weekends... Anyways, I think I will release this first client in about a week, but don't expect anything insanely stable.
Dev. screenshots to give you a taste of it are in the Screenshots section (yeah, I know, my testing contact is lame ...)
Update: People have been asking for my theme: gtk and metacity.

First release!, 2005/11/15
Well, there it is, the first release of my own oss project :) To sum up, abd is an address book daemon, it is intended to be very easy to use and setup. For the moment, there is no real client, just a _debug_ one, but I will have a nice command line client in the next release (should be a couple of weeks), and soon after that, two graphical clients: one written in python, and the other in java.
If you're interested in using/testing this project, please read the documentation in the doc/ subdir. There is no cvs for now, since I'm the only developper, there is no need for that.